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How to build a Telegram chatbot with Intellexere

Creating a Chatbot for Telegram with Intellexere is easy and fast.

As first step, you need to create and register the Chatbot with Telegram, using the BotFather. Search 'botfather' using Telegram application:

Now, start a chat with BotFather, and enter the new bot command /newbot, like in the following image:

Provide your bot name, E.g.: 'Berlin Startup Bot'. After, BotFather asks for the bot username, like 'BerlinStartupBot'. It must ends in 'bot'. The BotFather confirms the creation of the bot, and also provides the auth token you need later.

Sign-in into DataKnowl Cloud (or create a new account if you don't have one), and select '+ Intellexere Chatbot' to add a new Intellexere Chatbot.

Now, complete the form with the chatbot info, like Name, UserName, link and the language (pay attention to the language selection).

The Chatbot is now available in the Chatbot Manager (panel).

It's time to enable Telegram support for your new chatbot. Click 'Telegram' label.

Use the data and the token privided by Telegram BotFather, like in the following image:

Congratulations. You've created and registered your first Intellexere chatbot on Telegram Platform. Now, we start creating and editing the ChatBot's knowls. Knowls are Unit of Knowledge. To start, add the first Knowl, like in the following images:

Your chatbot is ready! Of course, it can only answer on the learned topics (knowls). You're ready to test your chabot. Open the Telegram application, and search for your chatbot.

And finally, ask something according to the knowl you used for training:

This is just the beginning. Now you can add more knowls, in order to make your chatbot able to answer more questions, and be smarter.
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